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Recognising signs of pain in our pets

By September 9, 2022No Comments

Wild animals conceal signs of injury, pain and disease from their predators so as not to be regarded as weaker. As descendants, our domesticated animals have similar instincts and, as pet owners with a responsibility to safeguard health, welfare and quality of life, this can make noticing signs of pain difficult. Being able to pick up on indicators will enable you to seek appropriate treatment for your pet.

Signs your dog might be in pain –


Flattened ears

Low posture

Adopting the prayer position – stretching far forwards with their back end in the air and their head and front legs lowered to the floor. This is a sign of abdominal pain/discomfort.


Grumpy temperament


Excessive licking, scratching or chewing

Reluctance to interact, exercise or play


Loss of appetite

Moving to avoid touch

Crying or vocally reacting


Signs your cat might be in pain –


More vocal

Reluctance to interact or play

Avoiding touch

Flattened ears

Change in facial expression

Change in eating habit


Hunched demeanour

Neglecting to groom themselves or excessive grooming in one spot





If you are concerned your pet might be in pain, arrange an examination with your vet and discuss your options.