All of the vets in the practice are Official Veterinarians which means that they have undertaken further qualifications to allow them to oversee travel from the U.K. to other countries by issuing pet passports and dealing with the complex documentation involved in export certification. Regulations vary with the country to be travelled to so please contact the clinic for your specific requirements.

Travel to the European Union.

Due to the uncertainty of the departure of the U.K. from the E.U., we are able to advise on the information we are provided by DEFRA. Previously a pet passport could be issued to a pet that had a microchip and an up to date rabies vaccination. In future, a blood test to confirm the rabies vaccination protection may be required and the dates of allowed departure and return may be extended.

The best advice is to check the changes at and contact us at the clinic.

Travel Outside the European Union

Travel outside the E.U. my require a document called an export certificate. Each country has very specific requirements for the entry of animals with variation between, for example, cats and dogs. The requirements can be seen at Please talk to us about your travel plans at Albany Veterinary Clinic’

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