A microchip is a means of identifying your pet by placing an electronic chip under the skin between the shoulder blades. This chip carries a unique number which is logged with a central data base where your contact details are stored. If your pet is stray, stolen or found injured this chip can be scanned to obtain your details from the data base. It is essential that you update your contact details whenever they change, otherwise the microchip will become useless.

From April 2016 it has been a legal requirement for all dogs to have a microchip in the UK. Unfortunately the theft of pedigree cats and dogs are on the rise and being microchipped legally identifies the pet as yours. We often reunite stray cats with their owners if they have a microchip, sometimes years later. If your cat is involved in a road traffic accident the vets involved can quickly contact you and obtain permission for sometimes life-saving treating. Rabbits can become stray by digging themselves out of a garden, so please microchip them too.

Consultations and Vaccinations

Vaccinations are a vital part of any pet’s ongoing health – so make sure yours is kept in tip-top condition with our consultation and vaccination services.

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Medical Investigation

Our laboratory and X-ray equipment helps us diagnose conditions and then allows us to monitor treatment progress.

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Our comprehensive service offering includes many types of animal surgery – talk to our team to find out how we can help.

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As a practice we have developed a particular interest in dental problems and have undertaken further training from veterinary dental specialists.

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Nurse appointments

From nutrition to parasite control to ongoing care, our qualified nurses are available to discuss all aspects of your pet’s health.

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Microchip Placement

Since April 2016 it has been compulsory to have your pet microchipped, make sure they’re fully covered with our micro-chipping services.

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